Water Marbling FAQ’s

Water Marbling is such an interesting art form that people are often seeing for the first time. Here are a few questions I’m asked frequently

1. How big are the scarves?
– Each scarf is 15 inches x 60 inches. Big enough to wear comfortably without overwhelming you.

2. How long does this take?
– On average 20 minutes per person and we will have 2 trays working at the same time.

3. Can I choose any colors?
– Yes! We have 30+ Colors and encourage you to pick 3-8 colors for your amazing scarf.

4. Won’t my scarf look like everyone else’s?
– Nope, we clean the paint out of the water for every person so you can start with your own choice of colors.
-Each scarf is a one of a kind piece of art.

5. Will my scarf dry at the craft show?
– No. We will rinse your scarf then immediately fold it and place it in a ziplock bag for you to transport home and hang to dry. Don’t worry, instructions will be provided.

6. Not a question, but this looks really hard….
– It’s not 🙂 This is an easy process that is hard to mess up. I will have examples of scarves on hand and together we can decide how to get you an original scarf you love.

8. I’m obsessed & I want to see more!
– There are lots of photos and videos on my Facebook page

Custom Scarves by CoraVina